Sky King

 Sky  King was first heard on....... ABC Radio.
Three different stars would play the part of Sky King,
The first was Roy Engel,the second  was Jack Lester, Then up to the end of  Sky King On The Radio in 1954,
was Earl Nightingale

 Sky King was already on television since 1951, so for three years you could listen and watch Sky King if you had one of those brand new expensive inventions,
called a......... TELEVISION!

From 1951-1962 there were  a total of 136 half hour programs filmed.
There was a fire in a New York film vault that destroyed a huge number of the original prints.
From 1957-1962, a total of 97 half hour programs were produced.
The fire destroyed 64,of those original films.
Some  that survive have fallen into....The Public Domain.

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